Top Way to Lose Developer Candidates: Unclear Roles

HackerRank surveyed over 70,000 developers to discover factors that impact their job search and turnoffs that employers can avoid.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for employers is that nearly 80% of developers are turned off from applying to a job when the role is unclear. This emphasizes the importance of a job description prior to interviews and making sure it clearly outlines the job and responsibilities. 

What turns off developers from employers:

  • Not enough clarity on role 

  • Lack of or slow follow-up 

  • Not aligned with culture or values 

Core competencies employers look for when hiring developers:

  • Problem solving (95%)

  • Programming language proficiency (57%)

  • Debugging (47%)

Top hiring challenges according to employers:

  • Hard to assess skills before onsite (61%)

  • Time-consuming interviews (47%)

  • Talent shortage (41%)

Top factors that impact a developer's job search:

  • Good work-life balance (56%)

  • Professional growth and learning (55%)

  • Compensation (45%)

Top factors developers look for in good work-life balance:

  • Flexible work hours (89%)

  • Remote working (80%)

  • Focus on outcomes (78%)

This survey goes to show that money is not the top factor for job seekers anymore, and there are other ways employers can attract top talent on a tight budget. Read our blog for more insights on this topic.

Source: HackerRank