The Digital Skills Gap Challenge in 2020

GetApp surveyed 577 leaders of North America-based small businesses in June 2020 to identify their biggest COVID-19-related challenges and what skills their businesses need now. The results were clear that the need for digital skills has moved from desired to critical.

"Recently, Gartner predicted that 'nonroutine cognitive work will be where most high-value work is performed by 2028'. Employees performing such work will need training that helps them learn, unlearn, and relearn digital skills".

​Do you have a digital skills gap on your team? We can help with that.

Highlights from the report:

  • 1 in 5 small business leaders and 1 in 3 midsize business leaders cited a lack of employee skills as their biggest challenge in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Scarcity of funds/cash came in a fairly distant second at 16%, while setting up new online delivery channels was third at 14%.

  • 84% said business shifts caused by the pandemic changed their required skill sets.

  • 61% are increasing their training budgets due to the pandemic .

  • The top 3 skills needed to manage these changes are network management (cited by 38%), web and app development (30%), and social media marketing skills (29%).

  • 22% of respondents reported setting up an eCommerce website from scratch due to COVID, while 66% have used social media to update customers on their business model changes.

Source: GetApp