Tech Learning Trends: Microlearning, DevOps, and Agile

A Skillsoft Signals Research report analyzed over 1 million data records, representing more than 25 million hours of learning interactions across a user base of nearly 12 million technology professionals to provide insight for leaders on what is happening in the technology market and how tech professionals are using continuous learning to cope with today’s fast-changing environment.

"Today, nearly 60% of employers have job openings that stay vacant for three months or more. At the same time, the half-life of skills is quickly diminishing. To keep ahead of the rapid pace of technology, organizations must invest in upskilling, reskilling, and preskilling."

Three critical takeaways from the report:

  1. Microlearning efficiently facilitates continual learning.
    An employee’s priority is always going to be on the task, function, or challenge that they have in front of them. Skillsoft data shows that microlearning helps, with users consuming more content in less time, allowing for a more efficient method to learn. Microlearning contributes to learners completing content at a higher rate but with fewer hours invested.

  2. DevOps is at the heart of most organizations.
    Most organizations are thinking about technology adaptation for current tech stacks, future tech infrastructure, and business models. The data makes this evident in the strong showing of CI/CD, DevOps, data, cloud, and security topics. DevOps topics represent 9% of Skillsoft's total number of hours served out and 13% of their total assets. The DevOps area also had the highest percentage of completions while representing the fifth largest area of content consumption. Security is also vital for most enterprises. Skillsoft delivered nearly 5 million hours of training to security pros around the world. Security is the second largest area after networking & operating systems at 6.3 million hours.

  3. Agile organizations require diverse skill sets.
    Usage patterns reveal users are educating themselves in topics that fit the modern-day narrative of transforming an organization from a classic, command-and-control structure – with quarterly product/services releases – to a lean/agile organization.

Source: Skillsoft