Most Important Factors to Tech Workers Today

Indeed recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. tech workers to discover the main factors they consider when evaluating a new company or job. 

Most Important Factors to Tech Workers Today

Key themes from the report: tech workers want more transparency from leaders, flexible work hours, employee development programs, and career advancement. Check out the stats below.

  • The most important characteristic that tech workers value in a company is transparency from leadership (89%) followed by giving back to the community (79%) and sharing their values (78%).

  • 83% said they value a flexible workplace with variable work hours being the most important aspect of that followed by the ability to work from home and remote-work options.

  • The top benefit that tech workers value at their current company is self-improvement options like employee development and tuition reimbursement, followed by health and wellness programs. In-office perks, such as free snacks and beverages or the ability to bring pets to work, are less important (12% and 8%, respectively).

  • The factors that matter most when evaluating a new job are neck in neck: pay/benefits (93%), flexibility in hours and location (92%), career advancement (91%), opportunities for learning and education (91%), and whether the company has a reputation for ethical behavior (90%). While pay and benefits is the top consideration when choosing a new job, 92% of respondents would be willing to make less money in exchange for one of the other factors listed.

Source: Indeed