Job Seekers Feel Good About Virtual Interviews

According to Indeed, virtual interviews have gone mainstream. To learn more about attitudes toward virtual interviews, Indeed surveyed 500 job seekers and 500 employers from diverse sectors across the U.S.

The conclusion: virtual interviews have a variety of benefits. They aren’t just important for COVID-19 safety, they allow job seekers to interview from anywhere and reduce the stress of traditional interviews.

  • 44% of job seekers have interviewed virtually for a position, while only 12% of employers say they have never conducted this type of interview.

  • 52% of job seekers say interviews are the best way for them to present themselves authentically in the hiring process.

According to job seekers, virtual interviews bring added convenience and comfort:

  • 45% like being able to interview from anywhere.

  • 37% feel less intimidated interviewing remotely.

  • Almost all job seekers believe COVID-19 will change the future of work —only 8% of job seekers say otherwise.

Indeed found significant differences among the types of job seekers who have and have not yet interviewed virtually:

  • 54% of men have interviewed remotely as compared to 37% of women.

  • 52% of Gen-Z job seekers have done virtual interviews compared to 47% of millennials and 42% of Gen-Xers — while a mere 27% of baby boomers say the same.

  • Job seekers with a college degree are more likely to have interviewed virtually (57%) than their peers with less education (34%),

  • While 50% of employed job seekers have interviewed remotely, only 27% of unemployed candidates have done so.

When it comes to the upsides of virtual interviews, job seekers cite several factors:

  • 45% cite not having to travel to a physical location as a bonus

  • 26% specifically mentioning alleviated transportation worries

  • 45% like being able to interview from anywhere.

A positive interview experience can transform the hiring process for everyone involved:

  • 52% say interviews provide the most accurate portrait of their abilities, so a more comfortable, user-friendly approach helps them put their best face forward — and gives employers a more accurate assessment opportunity.

Understanding the vibe of their potential future workplace is a significant concern for many job seekers:

  • 34% worry about how to assess company culture and working environment while remote, and this number jumps to 40% among job seekers with a college degree.

“Virtual interviews have tremendous potential to transform hiring for candidates and employers alike. By taking the time to address job seekers’ main concerns and anxieties about this increasingly mainstream approach, companies can design a more effective and equitable process — and help talent shine.”

Source: Indeed