Java Developers Have Lowest Career-Switch Rate

What are the careers with the lowest switch rate, or in other words, what are the jobs that people aren't likely to leave? Indeed analyzed their job seeker data to discover this career-switch search rate, measuring how likely someone in a certain field is to click on a job in a different field. 

Java Developers Have Lowest Career-Switch Rate

Java Developer tops the list with 12 percentage points over the next closest job. Tech and healthcare clearly dominate the top 20, and on the employer side, it's unlikely that demand for these roles will ever slow down.

If you're an employer hiring for these roles, know where you stand against your competition when it comes to compensation. Check out our salary snapshots to see what companies are paying for top tech talent in your market.

While you're budgeting pay rates, remember that it's not all about the money. A recent Indeed survey showed that 92% of tech workers would take a pay cut to work for a company that provided career advancement, workplace flexibility, a shorter commute or other things. Find out what matters most to your team members and make sure you have strategies in place to retain them.

Source: Indeed