Half of Workers Say They're Likely to Job Hunt Next Year

A recent survey from the American Staffing Association and The Harris Poll reveals nearly half (48%) of employed adults said they are likely to look for a new job in the next year.

Beyond searching for a new job, 38% of workers say they are likely to switch careers in the next year (new industry or different role). When you look at Millennials, the largest demographic in the workforce, that number jumps up to 51%.

“The U.S. is immersed in the tightest labor market in modern history with millions of unfilled openings across geographies and industries,” said Richard Wahlquist, ASA president and chief executive officer. “It’s a job seeker’s market—a reality lost on many people who, as the ASA Workforce Monitor shows, sadly lack optimism about their prospects of finding a perfect position.”

That lack of optimism refers to the 4 in 10 working adults (44%) who say they are worried they'll never find the "perfect job" for them.

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Source: American Staffing Association