Gen Z Wants to Work in Tech

The younger generation clearly has great interest and high comfort levels in their interactions with technology, which is translating into their career choices.

CompTIA’s “Student Perspectives of Technology and Careers” report surveyed teenagers to explore their views on technology, careers in tech, and the future of work.

Key highlights from the report:

  • Two-thirds of teenagers have some idea of the career path they would like to pursue

  • Half that group indicates some interest in working in technology, with more males (55%) than females (47%) considering a career in tech

  • Just over half of teens (53%) expect to increase their connections to tech

  • Nine out of 10 connect to the Internet on their mobile phones, confirmation of their need to constantly connect to technology

  • Just 45% of students report knowing someone personally who works in the tech field

“Connecting students to more engaging and fun tech resources and curricula, in addition to adult mentors, are two actions that can have an immediate and powerful impact in shaping career decisions,” said Tazneen Kasem, director of youth learning programs at CompTIA.

Source: CompTIA