Fastest Growing Tech Hubs, Roles, and Skills

Dice released their first quarterly Tech Job Report, a comprehensive look at the fastest growing tech hubs, occupations and skills, based on an analysis of over 6 million tech job postings throughout the United States.

Atlanta and Jacksonville Stand Out in Job Growth

Atlanta has the fourth most job postings of any U.S. city (narrowly behind Chicago), accompanied by steady year-over-year growth. Atlanta benefits from Georgia Tech as a consistent source of tech talent for startups and large businesses alike, but businesses such as Deloitte, IBM, Capgemini, Cox Communications and Home Depot lead in the city’s overall hiring. 

"While Florida ranked fifth nationally in the number of job postings in 2019, it has the largest year-over-year growth of any state. Although Tampa was the city with the highest volume of job postings, the real engine of the state’s tech job growth was Jacksonville, which experienced even faster growth than established tech hubs like New York City, San Francisco and Atlanta." 

Top 5 Tech Occupations in 2019

  • Software Developer

  • Network Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Senior Software Developer

  • Software QA Engineer / Tester

Top 5 Fastest-Growing Tech Occupations in 2019

  • Data Engineer (50% YoY growth)

  • Back End Developer (38% YoY growth)

  • Senior Data Scientist (32% YoY growth)

  • CRM Developer (29% YoY growth)

  • User Interface (UI) Developer (24% YoY growth)

Top 5 Tech Skills in Demand in 2019

  • SQL

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Project Management

  • Python

Read the full report for more details.

Source: Dice