COVID-19 Vaccines and the Future of Work

Amid the success of COVID vaccine rollouts, when, where and how employees return to work is still a very open question in the minds of employers and employees alike. With over 100 million doses already administered, there are already signs that some companies will be bringing workers back earlier than anticipated. Some are already doing so.

How will this news factor into how employers bring workers back to the office — and what support and guidance do workers want as they tentatively agree to return?

Indeed surveyed 2,000 employees from a variety of sectors, career levels and industries, as well as 749 leaders, managers and other decision makers from employers in different industries. Here’s what they learned.

How do employees view the situation?

  • 84% of remote workers and 73% of on-site workers are concerned about the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.

  • 75% of workers are concerned they will be required to return to office “before they feel comfortable”.

  • 63% of all workers say COVID-19 vaccine access should be the biggest factor in determining when employers bring people back to the workplace.

  • 52% of workers say companies should require all employees and new hires to be vaccinated.

  • 60% of remote employees say vaccines should be mandatory, compared to 46% of those currently on-site.

  • 71% of all employees are worried that COVID-19 rates will rise as more people return to work in person,

  • 81% of workers want their employers to provide clear guidelines about vaccines.

How do employers view the situation?

  • 68% of employers say they have a clear strategy regarding COVID-19 vaccines and employees.

  • 70% will strongly encourage but not require it for all of their employees,

  • 57% of employers will require COVID-19 vaccines for some workers.

  • Within this latter group, 58% will require all employees and new hires moving forward to get the vaccine, and 17% will require vaccines only for on-site workers.

Most employers believe the vaccine could boost morale, productivity and even revenue.

However, while it sounds like employers are taking a tough stance when it comes to vaccines, most plan to stay somewhat flexible. In terms of deciding when to bring workers back, 72% of employers plan to start this year. For many, however, the exact timing is still in question. Stay tuned.

Source: Indeed