84% of Job Seekers Open to Jobs Outside Most Recent Industry or Role

Careerbuilder surveyed individuals who have looked for a job in the past year to draw insights on the future workforce. The findings reveal a more flexible future, highlighted by the key stats below.

"In this type of labor market, we are advising job seekers to be more flexible when it comes to the industry or opportunity they are looking for," said CareerBuilder President Sasha Yablonovsky, "As we are seeing in the survey results, those looking for work should consider pivoting to other areas where they can apply their transferrable skills."

Survey highlights:

  • 33% of respondents said too much competition for jobs hampered their chances of landing a new position

  • 25% thought the most challenging part about searching for work was being unable to find jobs in their field

  • 84% indicated they would be willing to take a job outside their current or most recent industry or role

  • 61% reported having reconsidered their current industry or role

  • 25% strongly preferred flexible hours as a benefit included in a job offer

  • 35% would turn down an offer if it didn't allow the possibility to work remotely

  • 75% said they dedicated time to learning a new skill or completing an online education program during the pandemic

"Companies should commit to reskilling efforts, too, to improve how they recruit and retain candidates for the long-term." Yablonovsky added, "They need to take a skills-based approach to hiring and give more weight to this than past experience."

Source: Careerbuilder