74% of CFOs Plan to Increase Remote Work Post-Pandemic

New research from Gartner reveals nine trends for HR leaders that will impact the future of work following the coronavirus pandemic. They broke it down into three categories: accelerating trends, new impacts that were not previously part of the future of work discussion, and pendulum swings – temporary shorter-term reactions.

“It is critical for business leaders to understand the large scale shifts that are changing how people work and how business gets done,” said Brian Kropp, chief of research for the Gartner HR practice. “Then, they must apply this knowledge to their specific organization so they can alter their strategy accordingly.”

Key stats and trends from the April 2020 Gartner analysis:

  • 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 30% pre-pandemic.

  • 74% of CFOs intend to increase remote work at their organization after the outbreak.

  • To succeed in a world of increased remote work, hiring managers should prioritize digital dexterity and digital collaboration skills.

  • According to an April Gartner survey, 16% of organizations are passively tracking employees via methods like virtual clocking in and out, tracking work computer usage and monitoring employee emails or internal communications/chat. 

  • Employers will expand their involvement in the lives of their employees by increasing mental health support, expanding health care coverage, and providing financial health support during and after the pandemic.

  • 32% of organizations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure, also providing them with greater workforce management flexibility.

  • Leaders are redefining what critical means to include: employees in critical strategic roles, employees with critical skills and employees in critical workflow roles.

  • A shift from trying to “predict” (targeting a specific set of future skills) to “responding” (structuring such that you can quickly course correct with change).

  • Across the next several months there will be an acceleration of M&A, nationalization of companies, and bigger companies becoming even bigger.

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Source: Gartner