2021 Employer Forecast is Optimistic

​Indeed surveyed over 300 U.S. employers to learn how they think COVID-19 will impact work and hiring in 2021. Below are some of the highlights from the survey, revealing an overall optimistic vision.

Staying Agile in Crisis

  • 92% of employers say workers pulled together to weather the crisis

  • 87% say they supported their employees as much as possible

  • 84% say their workers’ jobs seemed more important to them in 2020 than ever before

  • 82% think their workers were motivated to perform to the best of their abilities, going above and beyond what was expected

  • 73% are optimistic about workforce productivity in 2021

  • 70% predict their businesses will grow in 2021

​Hiring and the Job Market

  • Nearly 70% of employers are optimistic about the 2021 job market

  • Over one-fourth (27%) plan to hire at higher volumes than before the pandemic, and 20% anticipate hiring at the same, pre-COVID rates

  • Only 10% predict continuing hiring freezes, and a mere 4% think they will lay off employees this year

  • Employers predict the top three reasons new talent will join their companies in 2021 are better job security, higher earnings and the company’s positive business outlook

  • Over half (54%) of employers are optimistic about salary increases for their workers in the coming year

  • 60% percent feel good about work-life balance moving forward

Post-COVID Changes

  • 98% say they will implement at least some new policies or procedures in 2021 — from increased flexibility in where and how people work to temperature checks, mask reminders and strategies to keep people safe

  • 88% say they are ready to implement COVID-19 safety measures

  • 73% are optimistic about their ability to adapt to new changes

  • 46% anticipate greater awareness among leaders and managers about the challenges of balancing caregiving and work

  • 40% predict greater consideration for well-being and mental health in the workplace

  • 32% anticipate designing jobs with increased flexibility moving forward

  • 29% of leaders and managers plan to be more accommodating of workers’ personal commitments

  • Nearly one-quarter (24%) say they’ll likely adopt measures such as four-day workweeks and unlimited paid time off or unpaid leave

  • 47% of employers believe the pandemic produced a permanent shift toward work-life blending, another 35% say the divisions between these spheres are more clear than ever, and 15% don’t think things have changed at all

  • 57% plan to increase work-from-home options

Source: Indeed