2020 IT Skills and Salary Report

Global Knowledge just released their annual IT Skills and Salary Report, the largest of its kind, surveying 9,500 IT professionals across the world to inform company decisions, resources, and policies.

Global Knowledge CEO Todd Johnstone said, "This year's report shows that skills gaps continue to hit organizations hard. "Seventy-eight percent of IT decision-makers globally face critical skills gaps and struggle to find qualified employees, undermining security, efficiency and productivity. Many IT departments have untenable workloads, creating employee stress and difficulty meeting quality objectives."

Highlights from the report:

  • 78% of global IT decision-makers face critical skills gaps , which can cost upwards of $29,000 per employee

  • Learning new skills or earning a certification can result in a raise upwards of $12,000 a year

  • 87% of IT professionals hold at least one certification, with 69% already planning their next one

  • Top reason tech professionals change jobs is the lack of opportunities for growth and development

  • 62% of professionals changed jobs because previous organizations did not invest in their development

  • North American IT professionals earn on average $115,906 annually

  • Nearly 60% of IT professionals received a raise in the past year

  • Female tech professionals saw an 8% salary increase year-over-year

  • Top-Paying Certification Areas: Cloud computing and Cybersecurity

  • Top Technology Investment Areas for 2021: Microsoft, AWS, Cisco

​Source: Global Knowledge