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Navigating Distributed Teams and Open Workspaces

Navigating Distributed Teams and Open Workspaces

Today’s workforce and workplaces are evolving across businesses and creating some interesting, and somewhat challenging work dynamics. More and more, we’re seeing organizations dealing with remote and virtual workers, distributed teams, open workspaces, flex hours, and flex vacation time. If this is what the modern workforce looks like, how can businesses stay collaborative, adaptive, and responsive to their customers?

This webinar focuses on common modern workforce trends, the issues these dynamics create, and how to overcome and adapt to these trends. Ultimately, the businesses who can successfully navigate these workforce dynamics and maintain agility will continue to entice top talent and thrive in delivering value to their customers.

Modern Workforce Trends Covered:

  • Remote and/or distributed teams
  • Identifying the best environment for your culture
  • Modern incentive practices
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