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How Agile Coaching Can Move Your Team Forward

How Agile Coaching Can Move Your Team Forward

Agile development is all about common sense and discipline. That seems easy enough. However, many organizations find discipline to be a challenge, especially for those pioneering teams first trying to implement Agile within an organization. When they hit a wall, it’s not uncommon for a frustrated team to give up on Agile entirely. And their executive leaders may believe they have wasted money on a “failed” process, and will be hesitant to try again.

This eBook is directed toward hands-on leaders who may be discovering the challenges of running a team or multiple teams attempting to adopt Agile best practices. It outlines the following:

  • Why some Agile adoptions fail
  • How an Agile Coach will accelerate your Agile journey
  • Common obstacles and how to overcome them with coaching
  • Characteristics of a good Agile Coach
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