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Getting Started with DevOps

Getting Started with DevOps

In today’s increasingly complex landscape of methodologies, technologies, and frameworks, DevOps is the latest new way of working. You may ask yourself, “what is DevOps?” “How can DevOps help my organization gain competitive advantage?” “Can DevOps truly decrease my time to market while increasing quality?” “What other benefits does DevOps provide?” Getting started can often be the most difficult part. While there is no cookie cutter approach to implementing DevOps, this session will highlight and address what to consider when launching a DevOps initiative.

In this session, we answer:

  • What are the key benefits DevOps can give my IT organization?
  • How can DevOps improve our business to IT relationship?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are the early benefits I can expect with DevOps?
  • How does DevOps evolve at scale?
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