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MATRIX has experience working with a wide range of industries, but these six are our bread and butter. We have over 35 years of experience partnering with companies that specialize in telecom, healthcare, financial services, transportation, technology, and oil/gas/energy.


We are well known as a company who can find specific “hard to find roles” within the industry. How? Every one of our Account Executives comes from the telecom industry. Work with us and you will be served by Sr. Leaders, Directors, AVPs, and VPs of telecommunications companies who have a proven record in speed to market, innovation, and continuous improvement. Read our Telecom case studies.

Financial Services

Whether your focus is Consumer or Commercial, Treasury or Retail, Mortgage, Cards or Wealth Management, we provide the talent, coaching, and consulting you need to evolve your business. With a number of clients and thousands of individuals placed in the financial industry, we understand your key goals - managing your expenses while maintaining compliance, remaining lean and agile, and building out customer interaction applications to positively impact Net Promoter Score. Read our Financial Services case studies.


Healthcare providers and payers confront a dizzying array of challenges, from gleaning meaningful insights from data to embracing Agile methods to figuring out ways to enhance the patient experience and quality care. Between now and 2026, technical occupations in healthcare are projected to grow at over 15%, making it one of the fastest-growing occupational fields. We're ready with a variety of tools, techniques, and service models tailored to fit your staffing and project needs. Read our Healthcare case studies.


From managing fleet maintenance and optimizing logistics, to arming auto dealers with more powerful web presences, to developing state of-the-art-courseware for avionics training, our resources help transportation customers get to market faster with digital solutions. Read our Transportation case studies.

Oil / Gas / Energy

With offices located in the heart of oil and gas country (Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston), MATRIX focuses on the unique requirements faced by energy companies as they seek to optimize their exploration, production, and pipeline capabilities. We know the specialized talent in this region and how to separate out the strongest performers from all the rest. Read our Energy case study.


How do you attract the modern tech workforce so highly desired in this day and age? Agile principles are key to helping attract and retain the next generation of engineers and developers, because the principles of the methodology dovetail with millennials’ intrinsic motivations and world views. MATRIX is all over Agile, both in our recruiting practices and our coaching, giving customers the nimbleness to adapt to changing market conditions and resource needs. Read our Technology case studies.



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