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Learn how vacation and time off works as a MATRIX Consultant.

What if I have a vacation planned while I am on contract?

You may take vacations during contracts. This must be worked out between you, your MATRIX Account Executive, and your client manager. Generally, vacations are taken between contracts, but if you are on a long contract and have a vacation planned, please coordinate it with your Account Executive and your client manager. The more advance notice you can give, the better, and please always make sure to coordinate with your manager before you finalize your plans.

Do I get paid when I take days off?

No, you get paid for hours that you work.  Any time off is not compensated.

(However, if you work in a city or state with Paid Safe and Sick Leave laws, you may be entitled to paid time off for reasons as outlined by these laws.)

Do I get a paid vacation?

No. As a contract consultant, you are paid for the hours that you work. All vacation time is not compensated time.