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Learn more about the payroll process for MATRIX Consultants, including details on direct deposit, taxes, and pay dates.

I just started working for MATRIX Resources and I have a previous child support garnishment. How do I go about getting this set up to come out of my paycheck?

You must provide the following contact information to your child support agency and they will send the paperwork to us (MATRIX Resources, Inc., 1000 Abernathy Road, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30328, Attention: Payroll) You will have to make payments on your own until you see the payments being withheld from your paycheck.

I have moved and need to update my mailing address. How do I do this?

Address changes should be made via our Enterprise Resource (ERP) system.  If you need information on logging into the system, please contact our Support desk ([email protected]).

What is the Social Security and Medicare Limit for 2018?

The Social Security taxable wage limit for 2019 is $132,900 (in 2018 was $128,400.00). 

Medicare does not have a taxable wage limit, for employees, the 1.45% tax rate increases by .09% on all taxable wages over $200,000.00. 

Please remember that cafeteria plan deductions are exempt from these limits, so you must subtract these deductions from your gross pay to arrive at your gross/taxable pay for Social Security.

I want to change my Federal tax exemptions. How do I do this?

Log into our Enterprise Resource (ERP) system; click the Tax Form link in the Pay worklet.  Fill out new tax forms.  If you need information on logging into the system, please contact our Support desk ([email protected]).

I want to change my State tax exemptions. How do I do this?

Log into our Enterprise Resource (ERP) system; click the Tax Form link in the Pay worklet.  Fill out new tax forms.  If you need information on logging into the system, please contact our Support desk ([email protected]).

When are timecards due?

Timecards are due by 5 p.m. each Friday.

When is payday?

Payday is every other Wednesday. All checks and deposits are mailed/transmitted so that they should arrive on the pay date.  Please note that direct deposit is the only way we can guarantee the date your money will be deposited.  If you are receiving your paycheck via US Mail, it may take longer due to delays in the mail system. Please reference the Pay Schedule.

Can I change my employment status from “W-2” to “Incorporated” during an assignment?

No, we do not currently permit consultants to change employment status during an assignment.

Where do I fax my time sheet, expense reports and invoices?

Send it to the Accounting department:

Atlanta Accounting770.393.9970
 Bank of America / at&t770.698.6830
Dallas Accounting972.239.2874
Phoenix Accounting866.239.9115
Research Triangle Park Accounting866.280.8001
Professional Services877.857.7992

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes. W2 consultants can sign up using our Enterprise Resource (ERP) system.  Inc consultants can request a Direct Deposit change by sending an email to [email protected]

How often will I get paid?

Promptly! Every two weeks. There are a total of 26 pay periods a year.

What do I do if my manager is not available to approve my timesheet?

Send in the unapproved time sheet by the deadline and follow-up with the signed version as soon as possible. We track unsigned time sheets internally.

When will my paycheck be deposited into my account?

Payroll direct deposits are transmitted by MATRIX two days before the payroll date. The posting of this deposit depends on your bank’s speed in processing the transaction.

I have contacted my bank, and they say my direct deposit is not there yet. What is happening?

Direct deposits show up to a bank as a “Deposit in Transit.” Each bank’s computer system is updated differently. Some banks will show deposits in transit, and some will not.

What happens if my timecard is late?

We process all timecards at the same time. All late timecards will be processed with the next payroll cycle two weeks later.
Important Note: Both your MATRIX Account Executive and the MATRIX Support team will make every effort to follow up on missing timecards by e-mail and by phone when possible, but you are ultimately responsible for your timecards.

I have direct deposit and I have not received my pay stub in the mail. How do I get my paystub?

Paystubs are available to view online in the Enterprise Resource (ERP) system the Monday before payday. Direct Deposit paystubs are only available to view online, nothing will be mailed out.

I have made a change to my direct deposit. When will it take effect?

If you have added a new account, changed a deposit amount or have stopped direct deposit, the change will be effective immediately. If you want the change to affect your upcoming paycheck, the change should be made no later than the Wednesday before payday to avoid any timing issues.

How do cafeteria plan and 401(k) deductions affect my taxes?

Both cafeteria plan deductions and 401(k) deductions are taken pre-tax, however the taxes they affect may differ. 401(k) deductions are only exempt from federal and state withholding taxes. Cafeteria plan deductions are exempt from both federal and state withholding and from both Social Security and Medicare taxes.

I run my own Corporation. When is my money direct deposited into my account?

Corporate direct deposits are transmitted by MATRIX on Monday and will be in your account by the following Wednesday.

What is this deduction, OADSI that I see on my payslip?

OASDI stands for Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance program. It is more commonly referred to as Social Security and it is a mandatory payroll tax.