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Learn more about what compensation to expect and how raises typically work.

What are people with my background making?

Good question. As you might imagine, there is no simple answer to this question. Market value is largely determined by area of the country, years of experience, depth of experience, educational history, and often varies by company and industry. We generate our own IT Salary Snapshots for the cities where we have a local office: Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Des Moines, Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Raleigh (RTP), and San Francisco. This survey can provide you with a good understanding of the range of salaries in the marketplace.

How will an offer be made?

This varies with each client company. Typically, an offer will be presented to you verbally by your MATRIX Associate. Other times, the employer will desire to present the offer directly to you. For permanent positions, once you accept the verbal offer, a written offer letter is generally sent to you via mail.

I have been on a contract for “x” months, at what point can I expect a raise?

This varies from client to client. It is best to contact your MATRIX Account Executive to find out how your client typically handles this issue.