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Learn some quick facts about contracting with MATRIX.

What about benefits?

If you are seeking permanent placement, benefits packages will vary. This is an area we will help you explore with each client company to determine compatibility with your needs. When you become a MATRIX consultant, you are eligible for the entire MATRIX benefits package.

Our comprehensive PPO (Preferred Provider Plan) includes Medical, Dental, and Prescription coverage. Short-term disability, long-term disability, long-term care, a dependent care spending account, and a 401(k) plan are also offered through this program. You never have to worry about yourself or your dependents.

What training is offered to consultants?

MATRIX offers a variety of training and certification opportunities.

  • Our free e-Learning courses are available for you to take “live” through the our training partner, TrainUp. There are currently more than 4,000 different courses available on a wide range of technical and business topics.  For more details on training options, please visit our training page on this website.

If you would like to see a workshop offered on a particular subject or would like to see a particular online course offered, please let your MATRIX Account Executive know. Any suggestions to improve our services are always appreciated!

Who will be the legal employer when I am on assignment?

If you choose to come on board with MATRIX as a W-2 consultant, MATRIX would be your legal employer.

How long is the average contract length for MATRIX consultants?

Eight months is the average.

How do you find my next assignment if my current contract is coming to an end?

Our goal is to keep you on staff and place you again and again! Your resume and skills will be proactively marketed by our team of Recruiters and Account Executives (the MATRIX contact points for our clients). They know your exact end date, key skills and desired rate, and they use these to help find you an open position.

How do you determine your bill rates for consultants?

We work with our clients to determine the fair market bill rate, taking into consideration several market factors, such as available skills in the market and what is being offered for similar experience levels. MATRIX then develops a fair margin on top of this rate which covers all General and Administrative overhead costs (such as FICA, FUTA, and SUTA), Workers’ Compensation, Medicare and an insurance contribution incurred by MATRIX. Additionally, we incur expenses associated with running our operation that are included in that rate. We then quote this rate to the client manager when we present you as a candidate.

What happens when my current contract ends?

Four weeks before your contract comes to a close, we will contact both you and your client manager to see if your contract is going to be extended. If there is no extension, we will begin to actively market you for new positions. This gives us plenty of time to find you a new opportunity. You are also open to market your resume to other resources in order to keep your options open.

Can I get a contract based on the training I do with the e-Learning courses?

Our clients typically look for “real world” experience in addition to training. e-Learning, while an excellent method to learn new skills and hone current ones, may not be enough to land you a new contract in a particular skill in which you trained.

What factors determine hourly pay rate?

There is no simple formula for establishing pay rates, but a number of factors are usually important: the skills required for the project, the duration of the assignment, the number of available candidates with the required skills, the difficulty of the assignment, and any past employment with the client.

What is contract consulting ("contracting")?

Contract consultants are hired by companies, through firms like MATRIX, to use their skills on a specific project for a set period of time. After an assignment is completed, the consultant is released to begin another project. Contracting is a form of employment that has become very popular for IT professionals.