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Agile Architecture: Clearing up the misconceptions

  • Start Date: Wednesday, October 7 2020
  • Start Time: 6:00 pm MST
Location: Virtual

This event is offered through Agile Anonymous, a Phoenix metro area Meetup group. Join this month's virtual event from anywhere by registering on Meetup.​

There is a common misconception that architecture remains a part of a Big Upfront Design mentality, and that since agile teams are self-organizing, they should be left alone to decide how to solve their problems. We might even go so far as to show agile principles such as the best architecture comes from self-organizing teams. This is true, but in larger organizations, you are bound to come across a problem too complex and large for any single self-organizing team to solve.

Yet a common complaint is that when adopting a User Story approach to defining business requests, we inadvertently drive features and stories to be designed as discreet units of work. In this case, we find ourselves with more chaos than coordination. Some design and coordination need to be maintained across all of the features.

SAFe and DAD have the Architectural Runway, Alistair Cockburn and LEAN share the concept of Walking the Skeleton. In the end, there shouldn’t be a conflict between architecture and our agile approach to delivering software. Join Todd Sussman, an Agile Coach with MATRIX, as we discuss the role of architects in an agile environment, and how to find the right balance between just enough architecture and too much upfront design.