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Take Your Team to the Next Level of IT Maturity

A free half-day workshop presented in conjunction with Ouellette & Associates as featured on

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Take Your Team to the Next Level of IT Maturity
March 5, 2019
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM CST
Lunch will be provided after the workshop.

What separates IT organizations that deliver transformational, game-changing value from all of the others? And how can your organization rise to the top in today’s competitive, disruptive environment?

Ouellette & Associates (O&A) has helped more than 3,000 organizations transition their IT groups from reactive, technology-centric order-takers to proactive, customer-centric business leaders. As featured on, they developed the IT Maturity Curve, uncovering a new stage of maturity — the “Innovative Anticipator” — where IT goes beyond partnering with the business and actually drives business opportunities.

Join us for an exclusive half-day workshop with Ouellette & Associates to learn strategies and techniques that you can use immediately to move your team from an IT supplier to an innovative anticipator positioned to fight off disruption while driving transformation.

Take Your Team to the Next Level of IT Maturity

This workshop focuses on:

  • Achieving IT Service Excellence: Explore the building blocks for a successful IT Service Strategy to ensure you are positioned to deliver the right things to the right clients at the right time.
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Consulting is influencing without direct power. In today’s cross-functional, flattened, and reengineered companies, sometimes the only power left is the power of influence. Learn how to build trust and rapport with clients to manage resistance and expectations.
  • Marketing IT’s Value: Help your IT organization focus on benefits and solutions, not features and products. Get the tools and process to build a marketing plan that can be tailored to your unique needs.


Target Audience:

This half-day workshop is designed specifically for leaders of IT talent, including CIOs and IT leaders who are committed to developing their people with the new core skills needed for success today. 

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