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How Leaders Can Drive Agility Across the Business

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How Leaders Can Drive Agility Across the Business
March 6, 2019
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM ET
Light breakfast will be provided.

“Successful organizations are able to pivot and implement quickly in order to achieve competitive advantage.” – Steve Denning

Many organizations are currently in process or at the starting line of an agile transformation. In many cases, there are questions of where to start or too much focus on IT. However, agile transformation is an enterprise endeavor that begins with leadership and effects all departments of the business. Business leaders must look at how to make the entire system run with more agility in order to pivot quickly and drive innovation by changing the system, leading with purpose, and steering from the edges. As leaders, we accelerate the evolution toward attaining an agile culture and being part of an agile business by enabling true self-management and team-based governance. Business agility needs leaders to drive the agile culture.

This seminar will focus on business agility and why transformation is driven by leaders across the business to benefit from adopting a lean-agile mindset, and where and how this adoption should start.

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This session is relevant for any Managers, Directors, and Leaders across all areas of the business looking to increase their overall agility and ability to adapt, respond, and deliver value to customers.

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