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Agile Enterprise: How Business and Customers Drive Change

Lunch 'n Learn
Gateway to Agile
May 30, 2019
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST
IMPORTANT: Reservations will close the day before the event. You must reserve with your full name for security check-in requirements.

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Where are we going and who is driving? Many companies are on a journey to a more digital, agile, and customer-centric culture. Agile practices are moving into the non-software business areas of focus creating more synergy, like Design Thinking and Lean UX.

A successful Agile Enterprise that is resilient and innovative does not occur by accident. It happens through thoughtful planning and timely adaptation based on your customer and business needs.

Join us as we discuss the specific drivers for a customer-driven organization and the needed team structures to innovate while maintaining business stability. The Business Agility-oriented organization and culture is the cornerstone of a meaningful Agile Transformation. We will discuss what it takes to launch and sustain a continuous change mindset while maintaining stability.

MATRIX and Wells Fargo are hosting this seminar to share real-life Agile Organization examples including how to recognize and overcome some of the key challenges inherent in implementing a customer-centric Agile Enterprise.

12:00 – 12:15 Light Lunch and Networking
12:16 - 1:45 Customer Centric Agile Enterprise
1:46 - 2:00 Review and Closing

Target Audience:

This session is geared towards C-level executives, Organization leaders, Senior Business Leaders, Product Leaders, IT/Engineering Leaders, or anyone involved with an Agile implementation.

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