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Treasury Systems Developer

  • Location: Plano, Collin, Texas, 75024
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted about 1 month ago

Long term contract in Plano, TX for a Treasury Systems Developer.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Develop, customize and support the treasury management system and all custom treasury system applications.
  • .Net Development:
    • Develop and maintain custom software solutions on our proprietary Microsoft .NET treasury platform known as RAPID. This includes a combination of class libraries, an ASP.NET web application, and several console applications all written in C#. Applications connect to SQL server 2010, 2012, and Oracle 11g databases.
    • Able to write all SQL required by application and occasionally participate in turning database for optimizing application queries.
    • Participate in the QA testing of own as well as peer developments.
    • Setup Windows 2012 development environments for deployment and deploy customizations for wider testing and prototyping.
    • Utilize Subversion source control to develop features and patches in branches before reintegrating into main development trunk.
  • Application Maintenance and Support:
    • Develop and maintain customizations to our commercial treasury management system known as Wall Street Suite 7.4. Wall Street Suite is a commercial treasury offering that is highly customizable by each customer. The product is composed of several application services running on Linux and a Windows user interface as well as a Java/Glassfish web application. The application is backed by an Oracle 11g database.
    • Customizations of the commercial application are developed through various extensibility points using some combination of Python, Oracle Stored Functions and Produces, and occasionally Linux Shell scripts.
    • Database development and develop and update SSIS ETL packages for our every growing Treasury DataMart reporting platform. The Treasury DataMart is a newer platform being developed to offer all of Treasury a more unified approach to reporting on the large amount of data spread across the various sub systems. Currently the DataMart consists of various SSIS ETL packages loading a central, de-normalized view of the data from our sub systems as well as reporting offerings built within Excel and Tableau. Future development will bring this data to the web using the RAPID platform.
  • 3-5 years of experience.
  • .NET Core and .NET C#, Angular, Typescript
  • Finance background will be helpful.
  • Good website development would be good to see.
  • 5 years of object oriented and procedural programming concepts, relational databases, and web-based as well as client-server applications frameworks.
  • Expert-level proficiency in Microsoft .NET framework related technologies, and expert level proficiency in at least one web applications framework with a preference for ASP.NET, including strong understanding of core web technologies: HTML5, and CSS.
  • Net Development - Most Relevant Technical Skills:
    • C#, .Net
    • SQL (any flavor)
    • ASP.NET (Web forms, user controls, master pages, etc.)
    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • Microservices
  • Application Maintenance and Support - Most Relevant Technical Skills:
    • SQL (Oracle)
    • Python
    • Unix (basic navigation, administration, and shell scripting)
  • Database Development - Most Relevant Technical Skills:
    • SQL (Any Flavor)
    • SSIS
    • Excel