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Sr. Project Manager- IT Supply Chain

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, 30339
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted 12 days ago

Sr. Project Manager- They are doing some waterfall planning still but this role will require person have ability to coordinate with agile teams where there is agile development. 

  1. Project Manager will be responsible for managing the project deliverables in the IT Supply Chain group for the ePro Program. PM will need to be experienced with working in a waterfall and agile development environment to drive delivery. PM will work with cross functional teams (Program Team, Product Management teams, and IT Supply Chain). This position is not a note taker, it will require someone with critical thinking skills. PM will deal with project deadlines, keeping deliverables on track and coordinating project plan. Ideal candidate will have experience with putting together a project plan, project tracking and working at the program level. Experience using Smart Sheets for project planning is a plus.

Top 3 Required Skills:

  1. Project Management experience- experience working at the Program Level- Ideal candidate will have previous THD experience.
  2. IT Supply Chain experience or Retail industry experience.
  3. Experience working in Agile environments, working with agile development teams.

Soft skills:

  1. Leadership skills- can drive things, doesn’t require “hand holding”, must be self-directed. Not waiting on people or direction. Knows when to speak up and reach out when needed instead of waiting on someone to ask.
  2. Flexibility- must be flexible and adaptable as things can change directions. Willingness to work in an environment that is someone less structured (waterfall/agile methods of delivery).
  3. Strong communication skills- PM will work with Developers. Product Managers, VP’s, will need good communication skills. Solid PM skills to manage a project, get information from folks and be methodical with the Project Plan. Understanding of working at the Program level. They are like a start up inside The Home Depot, PM will work on a small team and be asked to do many things and wear many hats. Looking for someone who can take the burden off the manager, to do updates on projects, program level startups.
  1. Supply Chain group is currently working on the ePro Program. This program is to support the Large Pro Suppliers (the Pro's that do apartment remodels, hospitals and school remodels). The larger Pros business is alive and well. They have their own Distribution Centers so they are integrating some of their DC's into One Supply Chain (market delivery centers, Market delivery operations).