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Marketing & Google Analytics Coordinator

Posted 11 days ago

Do you have experience working in a marketing team and have hands on skills using Drupal as a content management system as well as experience with Google Analytics?   We are looking for the right person to join our corporate marketing team either on a contract basis or as a full time employee.   In this role, you will be responsible for the daily management of our Drupal content management system in support of campaign requests.  Responsibilities will range from the creation of new pages using our standard templates, to working developing and creating new templates and functionality.  This role will also have the opportunity to work with our development team to create new features as well.  In addition to Drupal, this role will be required to have experience working with Google Analytics for web tracking and reporting.  

To be a good match for this role, you should have the following skills and experience:


  • 3 to 5years of managing and working with Drupal and Google Analytics
  • Experience working in a fast paced, multi-brand organization with multiple services and capabilities
  • Experience supporting the corporate marketing function of a professional services organization is a plus
  • Proven ability to scope and deliver Drupal based projects
  • Proficient in Excel and data analysis
Drupal Skills & Experience:
  • Understanding URL structures and ability to set up redirects and change URL aliases
  • Ability to flush search caches, CDN (Content Delivery Network) caches (e.g., Acquia and Akamai) and Drupal caches
  • Must have an intermediate (not beginner) level understanding of HTML 4
  • Experience creating tables and HTML buttons in Drupal with relative ease
  • Understanding of the “mailto://...” directive and how it works; the anatomy of a mailto: link
  • Experience editing and deploying embed code from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud within Drupal
  • Experience with Drupal Scheduler
  • Experience using Drupal’s metadata functions for changing <tltle>, <meta description>, and <meta keywords> tags
  • Understand what a “nodequeue” is and how to scan the site for new content in order to update nodequeues weekly
  • Good troubleshooting skills and ability to assess the root cause of issues and work with the necessary teams to come up with a fix with minimal guidance
  • An eye toward Mobile Design and ability to QA site pages for mobile function and display regularly
Google Analytics Skills & Experience:
  • Experience setting up goals, conversions and events in GA
  • Well-versed in GTM (Google Tag Manager) and how to set up custom tracking scripts
  • Ability to create and manipulate custom reports in GA
  • In depth knowledge of the connection between Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Intermediate level understanding of “Scope” in Google Analytics
  • Firm grasp of the Account, Property, and View Levels in GA
  • Familiar with Google Analytics’ “Core Web Vitals” and experience analyzing and optimizing Site Speed and Page Load Times
  • Extremely comfortable with Google Search Console analytics, warnings and how to analyze notifications and make recommendations

For this opportunity, you can work 100% from home and so can be located anywhere in the US.   Please apply so we can begin a conversation with you in more detail about this new position!