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Legal Assistant

Posted 7 days ago

  • Function: Legal
  • Job Ref: 206990

Come work for the industry leader of title insurance and transaction services to the real estate and mortgage industries and be part of an organization that has consistently been selected by Fortune as one of The World's Best Companies to work for.


Position: Legal Assistant

Location: Baltimore, MD, 21202

Term: 10 months

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Responsibilities include administrative support for attorney(s) including basic calendar management and expense reporting, organizing and performing centralized filing tasks and general office tasks, and contract administration and processing which includes copying, scanning, data entry, routing and signature tracking, drafting correspondence.
  • Manage high volumes of tasks and projects with little guidance.
  • React with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require a quick response or turnaround. Take effective action without having to know the total picture; and think creatively and be proactive in solving problems that affect people within the group or other related groups.
  • Open file in Softpro.
  • Acknowledge receipt of order.
  • Search for prior policies.
  • Pull SDAT Sheets, load in Smartview and meet with Underwriter to review order. Underwriter to advise as to what search to order and which abstractor should be used.

o At this point we will also pull the deed noted at SDAT and check the acreage in the deed against the SDAT sheet.

o We will check that the name at SDAT matches the deed pulled.

o If the names do not match, see Underwriter for further instructions.

o When ordering title, the abstractor must be made aware of anything we find that may be useful including a name change at SDAT.

  • Pull Real Property Tax bill and water bills (if available).
  • Set up physical file, closing, title/survey, commitment, corporate and disbursement file. Set up file in Softpro – Underwriter will instruct as to client/marketing information.
  • Tickler calendar for title due date and place file on Underwriter’s desk, if required by Underwriter.
  • If there is a Contract of Sale, make sure stored in Smartview.
  • If we are the escrow agent, Underwriter will prepare an Escrow Agreement, W-9 and Investment Letter and store in Smartview.
  • If Baltimore City Water, need to send water authorization letter to Seller or Borrower for signature (if loan only). Also need water transfer authorization form signed.
  • Check with Underwriter if lien sheet is needed at time of set up or tickler file to order at a later date.
  • Once Title comes in.

o Check to make sure that the order is complete and as requested.

o Save pdfs from MD Land Rec to Smartview of all deeds, deeds of trust, exceptions, plats and tax bills referenced in the report.

o Send Underwriter an email so they can review and advise as to what needs to be typed in the Commitment.

o Load Invoice in Smartview and put in Softpro to be paid by Pam Dunlap. Make sure tracking shows who gets paid and how much.

  • The commitment will be prepared by either Underwriter or Assistant depending on time and the complexity of the deal.
  • Any descriptions must be typed by Assistant or India and proofed with someone in the office before the commitment can go out. Underwriter advise if the description will be typed or note added instead.

o Underwriter will let you know when to do the Proformas to be sent with the same instructions above. Each time a revised Proforma is sent, a revised commitment must be sent.

  • Once a closing date is established, you will check Maryland Land Rec., Maryland Judiciary and/or Property Insight (case and judgment search), SDAT and Pacer for bankruptcies and again the day before closing. These will be stored in Smartview and notify Underwriter for review prior to closing.

o You will order the lien certificates if required (jurisdiction driven).

o You will order the water releases if required (jurisdiction driven).

o You will make sure that all invoices are stored in Smartview and that all wire information has been verbally checked.

o A double check for both Underwriter and Assistant. Anything needed to close that is not in Smartview should be noted in an email to Underwriter. Such as lien sheet, bring to date, etc.

o The day before closing you will double check to make sure that all these items have been completed with new findings and you will print the final closing statement with five copies, print deeds, and any affidavits needed to be signed at closing and place in the physical folder for closing and give to Underwriter for final review (for in person closings only).

o You will also verify that all monies are received to close. If Underwriter has already left for closing, it will be the Assistant’s responsibility to call Underwriter to inform that the wire is received and you have confirmed the amount in Softpro (for in person closings only).

  • After closing, Underwriter will bring back the closing file fully signed and notarized.

o If needed, Assistant scan checks.

o Underwriter will mark up a copy of each instruction letter and either Underwriter or Assistant will check off each item as completed, down to sending the policy.

o Assistant will cut the checks and make all disbursements.

o Under will be responsible for sending the verified wire information to Pam Dunlap or designated person to release the wire. Assistant will send confirmation to the respective parties.

o Underwriter will advise when to push the revenue.

o Underwriter will review first, then Assistant will review all documents and make sure they are dated, witnessed, notarized, blanks completed and descriptions attached. The name of each signer, witness and notary must be printed under every signature (statutory requirement).

o Assistant will prepare smart binders of the closing documents and send out in accordance with Underwriter’s instructions. Assistant will overnight the originals to the Bank with detailed cover letter, if required.

o Assistant will prepare the documents for recording, prepare the intake sheets and instruction letter for recording. Underwriter will review prior to releasing for recording. Double check.

o Assistant will tickler their calendar to follow up and make sure that it was recorded. You will send by email the recording receipt to the person(s) who sent the instruction letter(s).

o Assistant will be responsible for filing the UCCs if required. We have delivered by courier to SDAT and we do online for some out of state filings.

o The close line letter and release should be overnighted to the Bank that is being paid off. More than likely we will wire the payoff and send those documents by overnight mail the day of closing.

o Once recorded (Underwriter will advise), send an email letting the parties know we are on record.

o If a sale, make sure the 1099 information is entered into Softpro and 1099 in stored in Smartview under Escrow Closing.

  • Assistant will tickler their calendar to follow up on the release. If you do not receive a release within 60 days you will send Underwriter an email with the follow up emails that you previously sent.
  • The policy should be prepared as soon as you can see the recorded documents. The originals documents can be forwarded under separate cover.
  • Assistant will then check SDAT and make sure property is transferred (if sale) and Maryland Land Records documents are filed correctly before the Policy is sent. Let Underwriter know immediately of any discrepancies. SDAT may not be up to date.
  • The file will be scanned after the policy is completed but no later than 60 days after closing. Please give Underwriter the file with a note and Underwriter will purge the file (if needed) before you start to scan.


Is this a good fit? (Requirements):

  • 7 - 10 years legal assistance experience.
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently.
  • Manage high volumes of tasks and projects with little guidance.



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