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DevOps Environment Automation Lead

Posted 21 days ago

  • Function: DevOps
  • Job Ref: 206387

Title: DevOps Environment Automation Lead

Location: Remote

Type: Contract

Job Description:             

Seeking an individual to work in the DevOps team to coordinate and manage the bring up and provisioning of matching infrastructure environments to support cloud and on-premise development.


  • Candidate must have solid experience in automating the Environment provisioning.
  • To be successful the candidate must be able to have extensive knowledge of On-Premise and Azure Infrastructure, assert their presence and communicate well about the full stack of technical issues involved in provisioning complex integrated environments that are running not only legacy monolithic applications but also modern containerized microservice architectures.
  • They need to be able to actively communicate by phone, email, messaging and wiki to disparate teams in Development and IT operations throughout the enterprise.
  • They need to be familiar with project management methodologies specifically agile and should be comfortable leading a scrum meeting.
  • They need to be able to hit the ground running and pick up several dangling threads and become the focal point of a drive towards a goal of having environments up running, provisioned and operational.
  • Have the credibility and understanding candidates need to possess the technical skills to understand in detail what is being communicated by others, and to be able to ask searching questions of other specialists to move inflight tasks along. To be effective they will need to have good familiarity with Azure and conventional on-premise installations.
  • The knowledge and skills needed for our on-premise environment shall be: Linux system administration, networking, docker/containers, Kubernetes.
  • The Azure knowledge needed shall be: Terraform, Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Registries, Azure front door, Azure API Manager, Azure App Service etc.
  • They shall need some previous exposure to programming specifically in NodeJs, Java and c and the relevant build tools.
  • On the operations side they’ll need to understand how to monitor and log applications using AppDynamics and Splunk.
  • They should also know how applications get built and deployed from a build pipeline and have some familiarity with Jenkins, Rundeck and Azure pipelines.