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Connected Vehicle Systems Integrator Technical Consultant

  • Location: Denver, CO, 80204
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted 23 days ago

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Position:Connected Vehicle Systems Integrator Technical Consultant
Location: Denver, Colorado
Term: 48 weeks

Since 2016, our client has had a connected vehicle (CV) program, focused on deploying infrastructure to the roadside and within their fleet that can enable the sending of messages between vehicles and infrastructure for roadway decision making by operators. To date, our client has 133 deployed roadside devices, primarily on the I-70 Mountain Corridor, along with some of their equipped fleet. The clients' deployed units are unique in that they feature the only deployed dual-band radios in the country, capable of transmitting in both the dedicated short range communication (DSRC) and cellular vehicle to everything (CV2X) protocols.
In 2019, our client revised their CV Program Roadmap to feature the software development of an open-source platform developed by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), and leveraged by several CV pilots across the country. The development of this software will support the deployed CV infrastructure in Colorado today, and those units deployed in the future. This software, referred here as the CV environment, will live inside our client's broader Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture.  Our client is seeking consultant support for the development of a CV environment, including consultant expertise and guidance during the planning, design, and system deployment stages.

Required Skills 

  • Connected vehicle systems and architecture needs and requirements 
  • Connected vehicle security system needs and requirements 
  • Demonstrated expertise with information technology integration, security services, and application development 
  • Demonstrated experience with the USDOT’s Operational Data Environment (ODE) and other USDOT connected vehicle open source applications
  • Demonstration expertise and experience with building complex connected vehicle systems in a department of transportation setting, including integration of the CV architecture into a broader DOT ITS architecture
  • Understanding of how ITS architecture and other roadway devices can be integrated with CV devices
  • Advise on software development needs to CDOT developers on the ODE (USDOT’s CV platform to be brought to Colorado) 
  • Review on general needs for development 


(Task 1) Project Management

  • Deliverable 1: Kick-off Meeting - Initial discovery of the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem, environment, current and future state desires. Discuss and develop final plan and schedule of work tasks. 
  • Deliverable 2: Monthly Progress and Financial Reports
    Submit timely monthly reports on the 15th of the month detailing monthly work progress and financial invoice reports. 

(Task 2) Operational Data Environment Build Enhancements and System Architecture Updates 

  • Deliverable 3: Analysis and documentation of the Connected Vehicle System architecture current state, future needs and missing requirements. Documentation to include updates required to the architecture. 
  • Deliverable 4: System architecture software updates required to translate data in the Operational Data Environment over UDP and forward the data to the client's data lake. Identify development needs for connection of a research data exchange and USDOT Situation data warehouse 
  • Deliverable 5: Software development necessary to enable CV basic safety message (BSMs) data receival over user datagram protocol in the ODE and ability to deposit messages from the ODE to various endpoints. Documentation of all code enhanced in the ODE to enable receiving BSMs over UDP and submission of documentation to Github
  • Deliverable 6: Validation test of ability to send and receive BSMs in the ODE over UDP.

(Task 3) Connected Vehicle Data Application

  • Deliverable 7: CV Data Application Development. Lead development of the cloud assets  that will serve as CV data interface. This deliverable will likely include support from other vendors. Documentation is expected during the development effort.

(Task 4) CV Software Development and Technical Support 

  • Deliverable 8: CV software development support for prioritized use cases. 
  • Deliverable 9: Connected vehicle technical support on items related to systems engineering needs and security.

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