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Blockchain Data Labeler

  • Location: San Francisco, California, 94111
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted 13 days ago

Title: Blockchain Data Labeler

Location: US - Remote  

Type: Contract


Our client’s goal as a team with this initiative is to set up a ground truth blockchain metadata pipeline to enrich raw blockchain data with valuable labels for addresses on different chains that shed light on who/what type of entity is behind an address.

Currently the process for deriving ground truth data on who is behind a given blockchain address involves interacting with the various entities we want to tag by manually sending and receiving crypto to/from their addresses. We have to do this for multiple types of entities on multiple blockchains (using multiple crypto-assets). We want to scale this process by outsourcing or hiring contractors for it.

Background Requirements:

  • Basic digital fluency (Web browsing, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Note taking)
  • Fluency in English
  • Bonus: Prior exposure to crypto/blockchain ecosystem and/or technology
  • Years of experience: 1 - 3

High Level Workflow:

  1. Our client will provide digital assets as well as a crypto wallet on the blockchain.
  2. Our client will also provide a list of entities of interest to interact with
  3. The contractor will sign up for the entities of interest and send and receive crypto from them
  4. The contractor will record all transactions and supplementary notes/observations related to these transactions and entities.

Risk Factors:

  • Contractors need to provide KYC/ID to sign up for different services
  • They need to be able to interact with darknet markets and illicit entities
  • They need to be able to do crypto transactions (i.e not eligible for country which bans crypto - like India).

Looking for Individuals who can:

  • Regularly transact with different entities on the blockchain using crypto assets and a standalone wallet set up by our client’s Analytics team. Types of entities include:
    • Exchanges and Financial Services Companies that accept crypto
    • Miners
    • Mixers
    • Darknet markets
    • Vendors/Merchants
    • Token teams
    • Wallet Clients
  • Sign up for accounts at exchanges and other related services using their own ID and pass the relevant KYC/AML checks to enable the full feature set of deposits/withdrawals
  • Have some exposure/knowledge around crypto transactions and blockchains in order to note down relevant useful features about the entities they interact with (such as deposit/withdrawal limits, types of address options offered, and other material info that can help us tag that entity).