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API Platform DevOps Engineer

  • Location: Irving, Texas, 75063
  • Job Type:Contract

Posted about 1 month ago

  • Function: DevOps
  • Job Ref: 197107
Our client is seeking an API Platform DevOps Engineer for a 6-month contract opportunity in Irving, TX!  The API Platform DevOps Engineer is part of the Digital Technology Team. They are responsible for design, implementation and on-going enhancements of digital products and enhancing the digital experience.

The engineer must have a strong and continuously evolving technical mastery of API Platforms, Microservices and Cloud Engineering. This includes hands-on scripting, participating in design sessions, code reviews, system testing during various phases of development, follow best industry practices and publish API documentations.

About you:
Your areas of expertise include implementing software engineering best practices in design, development and utilization of API products in cloud platforms. You have a passion for cloud assets management, hands-on scripting, automation, platform security and great quality services that deliver exceptional experience to customers and drive efficiency through the creation of extendable and re-usable service components.

Job Functions
  • Assist in architecting the Cloud Backend Infrastructure and DevOps process.
  • Work with AWS managed services, EC2, CloudFormation, Lambda, Fargate, etc.
  • Write scripts to automate operations, server management and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) processes.
  • Proposes cloud solutions based on business and technology considerations, and suitable alternatives to satisfy customer needs.
  • Aid in the creation of automated troubleshooting capabilities across multiple cloud providers.
  • Works as a key contributor on the Delivery APIs team providing necessary Cloud Solutions.
  • Design APIs develop shippable code, documentation and unit test new features for digital products.
  • Works with fellow API Developers, Team Leads, Architects to deliver features through the creation of re-usable Microservices and API products
  • Collaborate with Quality, Product and Cloud Engineering teams to keep digital assets fully functional, secure and up to date with business needs.
  • Perform pair programming, effectively communicate ideas with the team, assist in systems integration, performance testing and product releases
  • Implement policies, roles, data access controls, monitoring events, resolve system and data issues for continuous functioning of APIs
  • Assist maintaining cross-platform tooling across multiple cloud providers.
  • Works to integrate cloud solutions with existing enterprise tools and systems.
  • Analyzes the current enterprise architecture to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement using cloud solutions.
  • Acts as a subject matter expert on technologies and trends in cloud solutions architecture.
  • Performs evaluations of enterprise cloud technology standards, tools, products and solutions to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Keeps abreast of emerging cloud technologies and evaluates vendor offerings to determine best fit for business needs.
  • Setup web application firewall rules and other required comprehensive security implementations.
  • Work with scripting and programming languages such as Python, Ruby, PowerShell and Bash.
  • Provide solutions for logging and reporting ELK and Kinesis streaming.

  • Must have 3 years of AWS Cloud based API platform solutions
  • Must have 2 year of experience in creating and maintaining AWS Infrastructure as code through Terraform, AWS CloudFormation templates
  • Must have experience managing AWS accounts, roles, policies, billing, cost analysis and monitor all cloud resources
  • Must have experience performing network security analysis, resource security analysis, audits, standards compliance and alerts setup to secure cloud assets.
  • Experience working with API Gateway, Load Balancers, Container Services, CDNs, API Performance testing, CI/CD pipelines and monitoring tools.
  • Ability to work in an Agile / SCRUM environment.
  • Self-directed with a start-up/entrepreneur mindset.
  • Ravenous about learning technology and problem solving.
  • Strong writing and communication skills.