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Important Info for 2018

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) changed federal income tax rates and brackets, among other things, beginning in 2018. Depending on your tax situation, it is possible that you might owe additional tax when you file your 2018 income tax return in 2019.

The IRS offers an online W-4 Calculator to help you check your tax withholding at any point in the year, compared to your total expected 2018 tax liability. It is important to do this as early as possible in the year to allow a smaller adjustment (if needed) during the balance of the year. If you are a MATRIX employee and wish to update your withholding allowances, click here for instructions on how to update your tax elections via the Workday website. 


MATRIX has implemented our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system - Workday. Once you become a MATRIX consultant, you will receive your login credentials to Workday. Many of the tasks you previously completed in Ceridian Self Service, you will now be able to do in Workday.

Time Cards & Expense Reports

Using the forms provided will help ensure that our staff is able to process your information accurately and expeditiously. Please review this section carefully to ensure you are using the correct forms and links.

Time Cards and Expenses
2018 Payroll Schedule

Tax Forms

Tax forms are now available online in Workday. During your Onboarding process with MATRIX, you will be asked to fill out your tax elections online. Based on your home and work address, the system will present you with the federal, state and any local tax forms which are required. Go to the "Pay" worklet and select "Federal, State and Local Tax Forms" under the My Elections menu. You will be able to update your tax elections at any time using the online system.

Direct Deposit Info

You can also change your direct deposit information in Workday. Go to the "Pay" worklet and select "Payment Elections" under the My Elections menu. If you are not currently using Direct Deposit, you may want to consider signing up during your Onboarding process. Your funds will be deposited directly into the accounts you provide.

View your W2's Online

2017 W2's will be available in Workday by January 31, 2018. You will also be mailed a copy of the form by January 31, 2018. The mailing address which was effect on December 22, 2017 is the address it will be mailed to. If your address has changed, you can contact your Account Coordinator to let them know.

For instructions on how to access your W2's in Workday, click here.

View your Paycheck and Benefits

W2 employees may view their paycheck and benefit information online in Workday.

While many of the most common payroll and contract consultant pay questions are also answered in the information given – you can always contact MATRIX directly at [email protected] You may also see our " Contact Us" page for city specific contact information.

To contact our Payroll Department directly, please call 800.627.3533 and ask for the Payroll Department.

If you need further assistance, please email [email protected]

(Note: You will receive your login information for Workday once you have become a MATRIX consultant.)