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Job Search

Job Search Guide [read]

Tips for Staying Organized in Your Job Search [read]

5 Tips for Writing a Standout Resume [read]

LinkedIn Profile Workshop [watch]

#AskARecruiter: How Can an Unemployed Job Seeker Stand Out? [watch]

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Partner [read]

23 Tips to Shine in the First 3 Months of Your New Job [read]

What to Expect When Applying for Jobs [read]

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The Interview

Candidate Interview Guide [read]

Close the Job Interview with the STAR Method [read]

5 Tips to Ace Your Next Video Interview [read]

Virtual Interviewing: Things to Consider [read]

How to Close the Deal on a Job Interview [read]

The Hardest Interview Question: What Is Your Biggest Weakness? [read]

Tech Pros Tell All: The Interview [read]

5 Ways to Stand Out AFTER the Interview [read]

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Career Strategy

Recruiters Tell All: How to Negotiate Your Rate [read]

​How to Relaunch Your Career After a Break [read]

6 Ways To Position Yourself For A Better Job & Better Pay [read]

How to Keep Yourself Hot in a Hot Job Market [read]

Employed? Here’s Why You Still Need a Career Agent [read]

The Dangers of Counteroffers [read]

​Landed a New Job? Here’s How NOT to Resign [read]

Small vs. Large Companies: Which is better for you? [read]

4 Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My IT Career [read]

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Life as a Contractor

Contract vs. Perm eBook [read]

An IT Consultant’s Case for Contracting [read]

Want Work-Life Balance? Try Contracting [read]

So You Want to Be an IT Contractor [read]

Busting 5 Myths About IT Contracting [read]

Is the Trending “Gig Economy” Right for You? [read]

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