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Consultant Training

MATRIX is committed to helping you develop your career and expand your skills and knowledge in the areas that interest you. To deliver on that commitment, we've partnered with the leading providers of IT training to offer free and discounted training sessions on current topics of interest, all available exclusively to MATRIX consultants.

eLearning Training

TrainUp is a learning company with over nine years of experience designing eLearning programs that promote the success of people and companies. TrainUp offers over 4,000 courses on topics from software skills to leadership, from workplace and food safety to programming and network administration. TrainUp presents expert, dynamic content while maintaining a consistent, easy-to-use interface across all the courses.

If you are a Current Consultant working for MATRIX, you may access these courses offered through TrainUp. Just follow a few simple steps and start taking advantage of this new offer immediately!

  1. Login to the following website:
  2. Search the available courses listed on the website. Individual courses or Bundled courses are available. Once you have found a course that interests you, then
  3. Register for that course. You will be required to complete the fields for the online registration form, which will include personal information and a credit card to purchase the course.
    Note: Individual courses must be completed in full and Bundled courses must have a 75% completion of each course, in order to have your costs reimbursed by MATRIX.
  4. Upon completion of your course, please notify the Training Department via email with "Course Completion" in the subject line. Once your completion has been validated, MATRIX will reimburse you for up to $300 per course.

Note: While you are actively engaged on assignment as a MATRIX consultant, you are automatically eligible for the free and discounted training benefits.