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Securing Talent High in Demand with On-Demand



Reliance on high-priced contractors for expertise in three highly demanded software specialties coupled with a rapidly growing demand for these skills posed potential issues for this client. To better control costs, the firm had opted to replace its contractors with full-time employees. Finding and screening sufficient numbers of qualified candidates in a tough IT labor market was not one of their strengths.


Having been impressed by MATRIX in the past, one of the client’s VPs suggested they turn to them for help with candidate pipelining and screening. They elected to use MATRIX’s On-Demand delivery model, which in this case offered them access to a team of five recruiters totally devoted to fulfilling their needs. In selecting a success-based fee structure, they saved thousands of dollars compared to typical agency placement fees.


Success-based On-Demand service delivery model pays off with qualified candidates and large cost savings


The Client

Large non-profit health insurer

The client is the largest non-profit health insurer in one of the most populous U.S. states. The organization provides a wide variety of insurance to approximately 1.5 million members. Over their more than 20-year history, they have realized sustained growth due to their commitment to providing access to healthcare to those in their communities who might otherwise go unserved. Their top priorities are the well-being of their members, aligning their goals with those of the healthcare providers, and offering their employees a supportive workplace.

The Challenge

Need to replace high-priced consultants and meet aggressive hiring goals in tough IT labor market imperils growth

This organization has a significant need for IT talent proficient in Salesforce, Pega, and MuleSoft – three of the most highly demanded skillsets. To fulfill their needs for talent the client had been relying on highpriced contractors. To reduce their costs they wanted to phase out some of the expensive contractors by hiring full-time employees. Their anticipated rate of growth was going to fuel strong demand for talent with the needed skills. With plans in the coming year to hire 25 new full-time employees, they would need a partner who could help with candidate pipelining and screening.

Their intent for this first 25 new hires was to first fill senior- to mid-level positions then hire for more junior positions. Given the high demand and the shortage of people with the desired skillsets, the firm was open to hiring foreign nationals with H1B status.

The firm’s internal resources would be stretched too thin to make their aggressive hiring goals if they took on the task of talent sourcing for these hard-to-find people. One of their Vice Presidents thought highly of MATRIX and believed using their experience and methods to source candidates would be an effective approach. They would rely on MATRIX to supply a team to support their internal recruiting staff by creating a pipeline of pre-qualified candidates.

The Solution

The MATRIX On-Demand delivery model proves a cost-effective, productive approach

During the initial meeting at the client’s headquarters, the client decided to use the MATRIX On- Demand Recruiting service delivery model. Using the On-Demand “success-based” option, MATRIX identifies qualified candidates then the primary recruiter conducts high-level screening and submits pre-qualified candidates to the client’s hiring manager for a more thorough assessment. The MATRIX “source and candidate selection” team relies on four dedicated offshore and one onshore recruiters.

The success-based fee structure includes a flat monthly fee along with a fixed cost per placement. Using this model will ultimately save the client thousands of dollars in fees compared to typical agency placement fees. SLAs stipulate the number of daily submittals. Weekly review meetings use a customized report to examine the current candidate funnel and each candidate’s status. The team takes any feedback received from the client and tweaks processes accordingly.

The Results

With MATRIX handling the sourcing and screening tasks, the client’s Talent Acquisition team was able to prove to the business they were able able to handle the large volume of candidate flow that was needed. This not only improved the TA’s effectiveness but it enhanced their credibility to their internal customers. Ultimately, as the MATRIX team garners deeper insights into the client’s HR processes, they will offer recommendations and processes to improve the organization’s business agility.

The client is pleased with the results:


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