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Dealer Playbook Enhances Customer Experience for Tech-Savvy Auto Buyers

The way people purchase vehicles has evolved; they make fewer trips to the dealership, and when they do show up, they’re more informed. Armed with online research, customers already know the make, model, price, and features they want, and are ready to comparison shop.

For auto dealers, this makes every in-person interaction very important. According to J.D. Power, 74% of car buyers will drive 20 miles or more to receive what they perceive to be a great dealership experience.

As their competition intensifies, auto dealers are finding innovative ways to enhance their customer-centric tactics.

The Innovation Playbook

A major auto manufacturer sought to leverage this trend by giving its dealers an in-depth playbook outlining tips for showrooms and repair facilities— to help them become as customer-focused, welcoming, and hospitable as the best retailers in other industries.

The “Innovation Playbook” was created by the MATRIX UI/UX Design team for a national dealer meeting where it was introduced along with additional media assets including video images, signage, print materials, and additional branding guidelines.

Originally concepted as a micro-website, the 80-page playbook was created as an interactive PDF. Quick and relatively simple to create, the playbook provided a cost-efficient way to communicate information in a short timeframe.

The goal was to highlight different “plays,” which are suggestions for the dealerships to modernize their facility’s look and feel. It includes everything from architectural suggestions, merchandising tips, to instructions on how to optimize Wi-Fi coverage.

Design Team Takes Customer Experience to New Level

The timeline was a scant two months before the dealer meeting. When given the green light, the MATRIX UI/UX team hit the ground running.

“We had a two-day whiteboard session with the client to plot out the key features,” said Wright, MATRIX UI/UX Team Lead. “After a series of Q&A sessions, we had just an hour in between meetings to sketch out high-level layouts and flows.”

“When it came to color, we tried to strike the right balance of light-dominant pages versus the darker pages. We decided we wanted to create a UI/UX that was brighter, with brief moments of darkness to create a more harmonious flow as the viewer navigates through the PDF,” said Wright. Because the goal was an interactive PDF that would hopefully later evolve into a micro-website, the team created a menu bar for navigation as well as other navigation methods inside the plays themselves. “The Interactive PDF uses rollovers, links you can click on, and other web features. It looks and acts like an actual site,” said MATRIX UI/UX Designer, Tamara Silva.

While an interactive PDF is an uncommon deliverable, it turned out to be a perfect fit for these auto dealers as they strive to increase the customer experience and build relationships.



“The MATRIX UI/UX team was incredibly
easy to work with. We were under a tight timeframe
and they were extremely responsive, working around
our schedule that included after hours and weekends.
The finished product exceeded our expectations!”

- Lance B., Dealer Facility Operations Manager



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