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Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said.

Most people know the socially and professionally awkward Michael Scott. His inappropriate one-liners and off-color humor catapulted The Office to the top of the ratings for the past few years. As I was watching the other night, I thought about the different characters, and how they would use social media if Dunder Mifflin encouraged it. 

Below are the typical social media personalities in your office:

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Stanley – “The Naysayer”

The Stanley in your office would be the typical "I don't see any value in this social media fad." They are most likely an older professional stuck in their ways, and has no interest in upgrading to the latest Windows or Internet Explorer. Stanley would never have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account, and will roll his eyes when you say "Blog."  The only way a Naysayer would change their mind is if their child started texting them; even then, it would take them five minutes to type out a response.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Meredith – “The Partier”

Meredith is the social media partier. She would be constantly Tweeting and Facebooking “inappropriate” photos and comments about her weekend activities. She is always sending you Facebook invites for band parties or “ladies night” at the local bar. The partier will also quickly click-off of their Facebook page when someone walks up.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Angela – “The Negative Nelly"

Every tweet or Facebook update is negative, sarcastic, or blaming someone else for their unhappiness. They are ALWAYS "tired of everyone else's drama," or "hates their job."  If by chance, she were to post something positive, it would only be about her cats. Nevertheless, Angela would spend plenty of time observing everybody else’s activity so she could render judgments about their poor behavior or inappropriate remarks. She might also send you links to different advice columns that would help you improve.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Michael – “The Narcissist”

You know this person. They are constantly changing their profile pics. Though he has thousands of followers, he’s always trying to figure out who "defriended" him. He updates his Twitter and Facebook accounts no less than 20 times per day, and has Twitter synced to each of his social networking accounts (authors note – that’s annoying btw!)

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Kelly – “The Celebrity Stalker”

She follows hundreds of celebrities on Twitter and tells everyone in the office the latest "hot-n-heavy from Hollywood." She probably doesn't update her status on Facebook or Twitter much, but is constantly looking at everyone else's photos and gossiping about what she saw.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Jim – “The Social Savvy Guy”

Jim is level-headed about Social Media. He has a good balance of professional and personal tweets. He knows that value of social media yet also knows it’s not the end-all-be-all. Jim has probably seen ROI from using social media; most likely due to taking time to invest in the relationships he has made. Be careful though, don’t leave your Facebook account up with Jim un-supervised, as he will probably update your status with something like “Looks like my foot fungus is coming back.”

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Pam – “The Social Media Mom”

Everyone has a friend like this. The new mom (or dad) that ONLY talks about her kids. Her profile pics are only of her kids. She doesn't have time to tweet, but her status updates consist of funny things her kids said, did, or ate.  She is heavily networked with other mothers like her. P.S. We don't care that your child is potty-training.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Dwight  - “The Social Narc”

Did you update your Facebook account during working hours? You better believe Dwight will take note. His main purpose is to find who’s using social networks during work hours, and report them. His tweets are protected, and his status updates are always quotes from books he has read. He's constantly concerned about "Social Media Privacy." He’ll tell you that your recent update about going on vacation is just inviting criminals to your house.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Darryl – “The Sports Fan”

The only time he logs onto Facebook is to cheer on his team, or to bash the opposing one. He is also still  living like a college kid, even though he is married with kids. He probably spends long hours playing video games too.

Your 'Office' Social Media Personalities - That's What She Said. Andy – “The Drama Queen”

The Drama Queen is heavily involved in performing arts. His profile pics are normally of him in costume during a show or recital. He is constantly pressuring you through Facebook to buy tickets to the next play or musical. You might also be forced to watch a short video of him singing or performing, and feel obligated to comment on “how talented he is.”

Do you recognize these social media personalities in you, your office, or your friends?

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