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Webinar Recap: Distributed Teams and Open Workspaces

How do companies successfully navigate modern workforce trends like remote workers, distributed teams, open workspaces, flex hours, and flex vacation time? I talked about these challenges and best practices to overcome them in a webinar that you can watch here.

Navigating Distributed Teams and Open Workspaces Webinar
During the webinar, we polled participants to find out the top challenges that their organizations face related to remote teams and open workspaces, and these were the results.

Top challenges remote or distributed teams present to organizations:

  • Lack of communication (59%)
  • Lack of collaboration (58%)
  • Misunderstanding of work challenges (55%)

Top challenges open workspaces present to organizations:

  • Lack of focus (77%)
  • Lack of “think time” for innovation (57%)
  • Loss of productivity (52%)

I have a lot of experience in these environments and have learned practices that work well and ways to adapt when faced with these challenges. But at the end of the day, there is no set solution for one person or organization. A lot of these issues come down to the company’s culture and how they are flexible in the face of difficult work dynamics.

At the end of the webinar, we had a Q&A session where participants asked for advice on their biggest hurdles related to these workplace trends. Questions included how to thrive in an extremely open workspace, how to make working remote succeed for contractors, and addressing cultural differences with offshore teams who have different holidays and vacation time than the U.S. Watch here and let us know if you have more questions that didn’t get answered. 

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