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PMO Joe and Jeremy Wood Talk Agile on Business RadioX

MATRIX Agile Coach Jeremy Wood was interviewed by Joe Pusz aka "PMO Joe" on Project Management Office Hours to discuss the benefits, challenges, and mindset of Agile. Jeremy also talks about the upcoming Phoenix BADD Conference on September 18 where he's presenting a session on improving team communication and avoiding the pitfalls of assumptions.

As a Senior Agile Coach, Jeremy has extensive experience working with organizations to transform or implement Agile. Agile is a mindset and not a methodology. He shares the distinction between Agile, Scrum, Kanban and how they are utilized within Agile. Jeremy also provides examples of the challenges and benefits organizations face with transforming or converting from traditional thinking to an agile mindset. He is realistic in his assessment and does not live in the Utopian world an Agile Coach would like to have you think exists. A great insight Jeremy shared is that when using an agile mindset, you are not seeking to implement best practices as that would indicate you are done, rather Agile prefers thinking of continuous improvement thinking. Listen to the full, fast-moving, hour-long discussion making the concepts of Agile simple enough to understand and follow, yet complex enough to get a true understanding of what Agile really is.

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