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MATRIX Consultant Spotlight: Ed Booth

At MATRIX, we emphasize that our company is all about the people. On the outside, it appears that we employ software engineers, web designers, project managers, business analysts, support technicians, and so on.

This is technically true. But what we don’t advertise is that we also employ mothers, grandfathers, soccer coaches, marathon runners, world travelers, musicians, painters, community servants and so much more. Our consultants aren’t defined by their job titles. They each have a story and this blog series will tell them.

This month’s spotlight is on Ed Booth, a GIS Consultant working for one of our clients in Dallas.

MATRIX Consultant Spotlight: Ed Booth

Tell me a little about yourself.

I grew up in a military family so I’ve had the opportunity to live in a lot of different places. My wife is a retired medical technologist and teacher, currently tutoring high school and college students. Our favorite thing to do is travel, and we also enjoy renovating houses together. I have a son who is working on his PhD in Physics at the University of Michigan. He’s very self-sufficient and self-motivated – someone I definitely look up to.

As an avid traveler, what has been your favorite experience?

My favorite experience would probably have to be the trip my wife and I took to the south of France a couple years ago. We rented a canal boat (comparative to a house boat) and toured cities all along the Mediterranean. We would dock the boat along the canal and tour historic churches, landmarks and villages with beautiful architecture dating back to the 10th century.

What else do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a painter. I paint a variety of different things, but I especially like landscapes and seascapes. I enjoy woodworking as well, specifically built-in cabinetry, tables and fireplace mantles. I sell my artwork and my carpentry, but I mostly just have a lot of fun doing it.

I also love to sail. We have a small sailboat that we keep on Canyon Lake in the Texas hill country. We belong to a yacht club out there that teaches sailing to younger generations, hosts monthly regattas and raises money for charity.

How did you get your start in IT?

I got my GIS degree in 2008. I lived in California at the time but moved to Texas for the better opportunity and economy. Before that, I was a graphic designer and I’ve always been interested in maps. Years ago I studied Landscape Architecture and learned about software used for mapping. As time went by, I learned more about GIS and thought that it would be a good fit for me since it involved computers and design.

What’s your favorite part of your career?

The company I’m at now has a really wonderful culture that extends to the contractors- they treat us very well and I get to work with outstanding people. I have been able to progress here for the last two and a half years and take on more responsibility, which has been very gratifying. My initiatives and ideas have been welcomed here, making it a great place to grow.

If you could give any piece of advice to other IT consultants, what would it be?

Do your best to over deliver. Whatever your job is, do it and do more than you absolutely have to. If you see something you can take ownership of, do it and your career will progress.

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