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Doctor, Realtor...Recruiter? Time to Use an Expert

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Staff Writer

Doctor, Realtor...Recruiter? Time to Use an Expert

When you think of the reason that you hire an expert in any given field, what are the main reasons? Is it a matter of saving you time and frustration? Or making sure that you are being as thorough as you possibly can?

Most people use a realtor to buy a house and an insurance broker to find the best coverage for their homes, cars and life insurance. Why wouldn’t you want a recruiter to help you through one of the most stressful life decisions to be made? And don’t forget that recruiters are beneficial at any stage in your career – not just during an active job search.

Now let’s understand the benefits of working with a local recruiter who specializes in your area of expertise.

Market Knowledge

The majority of tenured recruiters can offer insight into the hiring market around you. What skills are hottest? What do pay rates look like for my skill set? What is trending for growth? This information will help you position yourself to start your search and map out a plan. Are you looking to modify your skillset or get your hands into a new technology? Ask us how often we see those skills in our market. It may be what you want to hear or be the advice that saves you valuable time on a skill that isn’t worthwhile. Speaking of time…


We save you loads of it! Looking for a job is the equivalent of working a full-time job, and no one wants to do both at the same time. To truly maximize time savings in your job search, it’s helpful if you limit the number of recruiters you work with. Try to have two or three to go to when you are ready to see what’s out there.  


Sad, but true…no recruiter has every job that is open in their area. But, what we do have in spades are excellent networks. Do you have a dream company you are targeting? If we don’t have it, we may have an introduction to someone who does. Curious about specialized local groups, but don’t know where to start? Chances are, we can introduce you to the groups or members involved.

Company Insight

Want to wear shorts to work? Are you a Type A who only wants to work for a manager and team that gets things done in the most efficient way? We know companies that could fit either need. Our value includes sharing with you what isn’t written in the job description. That could encompass anything from culture and dress code to team size and where the manager went to college. These are the details that you will not know sending your resume into a black hole of applying to a company directly.

If you do choose to work with a recruiter, it is imperative that you are comfortable with the person you are working with. Keep in mind, this person’s reputation will have an impact on your job search. What does their social media makeup look like? Do they have stable tenure in the market you are targeting? Are they recommended by people in your field? And at any point, if you don’t feel comfortable with the person you are dealing with, make a change! Your job search is stressful enough without dealing with someone who you don’t connect with. You don’t have to be best friends, though I’ll tell you, you might start to like us.

So, whether you are actively wanting to make a change or you just want to take the temperature of the market, start the process by connecting with a recruiter. Quickest way to do that with us is to apply to one of our job openings and we will reach out if your experience is a fit.