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MATRIX Consultant Spotlight: Abbas Hiptullah and Naveen Malyala

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Jennifer Bradley

MATRIX Consultant Spotlight: Abbas Hiptullah and Naveen Malyala

Our latest consultant spotlight is on two Workday Consultants from Illinois who stepped up at a critical time to tag team a technology project for our global beverage customer.

When our client reached out in need of an extremely niche skillset to complete a major Workday project, they knew they were looking for a needle in a haystack.

Finding someone with skills in Advanced Compensation specific to Workday was not going to be easy. After searching high and low, our MATRIX team got connected with Abbas and Naveen and knew they were the right people for the job. Since they both live in Chicago, they agreed to fly down to work onsite in Atlanta every other week until the project was completed.

After Abbas and Naveen successfully launched Compensation for our global beverage customer, our client reached out and asked if we could do anything to recognize the incredible work these two had been putting in. As one manager put it, “We were headed rapidly towards a cliff with no brakes and we had to quickly reshuffle. Abbas and Naveen were an integral part of the direction in helping us launch compensation for our organization. It wasn’t just the fact that they got things done, they also taught us to think through how we needed to get it done holistically as a group.”

After putting in a lot of overtime, long weekends, traveling cross-country, and even facing some health issues, Abbas and Naveen did the work without a single complaint. Abbas attributes this to the culture and hospitality he’s felt at the client. “I’ve been contracting for years, but this is one of the first times I have felt like I’m actually part of the team and not just outside help. I’ve been consistently recognized for my efforts both by MATRIX and my team here and it means a lot to be appreciated by everyone. I don’t want to work anywhere else.”

Considering all their hard work and the numerous compliments from their managers, Abbas and Naveen were chosen as MATRIX’s Q1 2019 Consultants of the Quarter. This award is part of the MATRIX Consultant Care program where we choose two consultants every quarter who have gone above and beyond the work required of them. Each quarter we receive nominations across the whole company and elect two deserving consultants to win a cash bonus, personalized award, and celebration.

It's not every day we get to recognize our hardworking consultants and the work they put in each week. So to Naveen, Abbas, and all of our other consultants around the country – thank you for serving our customers so well!