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On-Demand Recruiting Is Increasingly in Demand

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
  • Author: Barry Reimer

On-Demand Recruiting Is Increasingly in Demand

On-demand recruiting is one of the most interesting trends we see at MATRIX. Some call it Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or Agile Recruitment Services. Whatever you want to call it, it’s leading to shorter, more targeted contracts. Here’s a typical request we get from customers:

“We don’t want you to do end-to-end for us. We want you to help our Talent Acquisition people. Source candidates and, screen them for us. Do a little branding. Tell them about our company, the opportunity, compensation and benefits. Engage their interest level, then hand them over to us qualified. Create a pipeline of qualified candidates ready for us to talk to.” 

On-Demand Recruiting Is Increasingly in Demand

Rather than investing a large amount of capital and taking time to build a highly-trained team from the ground up, on-demand hiring lets you only pay for what you need. But money isn’t the only factor to consider. 

Here are the biggest benefits you get from on-demand recruiting services:

Faster Speed to Market

React quickly to capitalize on new opportunities, fend off competition, or address disruptions caused by emerging technologies. Cut your ramp-up time from weeks or months, down to hours or days.


Increase (or decrease) recruiting bandwidth as business demands dictate. No need to hire and train staff or worry about what they are going to do when hiring needs subside.


Identifying and engaging highly-skilled workers requires a deep understanding of their specialties – from knowing the technology and business nomenclature required to find them, to understanding common career paths and aspirations that motivate them. You get access to TA resources with expertise in a broad range of specialties including Executive Search, IT, Engineering, and Healthcare (to name a few). 


On-demand offerings can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Pricing models, engagement lengths and service offerings (full lifecycle vs. unbundled sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding) can all be adjusted to your specific business demands.  

Dedicated Bandwidth

Internal HR/TA resources and contingent staffing partners can’t be 100% focused on your needs; they likely have other projects or clients that come between them and filling your requirements. With on-demand hiring, you get resources that are solely dedicated to you and your hiring needs. It’s their job to provide you with a constant pipeline of qualified candidates you can immediately inject into the hiring process.

On-demand services are increasing in popularity due to being less expensive than hiring TA staff or paying traditional direct-hire fees. When you consider all the factors above, on-demand services have extremely high value. This isn’t a hands-off, remote approach – it’s a flexible business agreement with a strong partnership that can take you to the next level in delivering top talent.