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Getting Hired Today Requires Creativity

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author: Scott Price

Getting Hired Today Requires Creativity

“What makes her the right fit for this job?”  

As a 20+ year sales professional in the technology staffing and services industry, I have heard this question many times from clients. Typically, most of us respond by focusing on factors like technical skills, experience, and culture fit. Many times, we will collaborate with the candidate on the best way to craft the response to the client objection. 

Getting Hired Today Requires Creativity

​Recently, we had a candidate apply for a part-time training position, but the client was worried that she was overqualified for a part-time role and didn’t want to risk it. When the candidate pushed back, the client asked what exactly made her a fit for the job. The candidate’s response was to take things to the next level and record a 1-minute BombBomb video replying to the client’s questions and concerns while also displaying her strong communication skills and dynamic personality. Specifically, she stressed the fact that her entrepreneurial spirit made a part-time role the perfect fit for her lifestyle.

After we shared this video with the client, they quickly replied with an in-person interview request. Following the interview, the candidate created another video thank you note. We were pleased when the client subsequently extended an offer to this candidate which she accepted!  

It is incredibly important in today’s market to always be thinking outside of the box and to leverage technology whenever and wherever possible. Many companies are starting to use video technology like BombBomb, Zoom, and HireVue, and I predict this trend is going to continue to grow exponentially. 

By providing pre-screening questions for the candidate to answer in a video interview, it truly expedites the hiring process. Essentially, it’s the first interview allowing the client to determine whether the candidate has the experience, communication skills, and personality to fit the position and the organization. Between this and having a strong LinkedIn profile, resumes are starting to become less effective in the recruiting process.

So, job seekers – next time you don’t get the interview for a job you are passionate about, evaluate if it’s a good opportunity to get creative. And managers – consider leveraging innovative tools that will ultimately save you time and money. In this tight job market, it’s important to keep an open mind and always listen to fresh ideas that can help streamline the talent acquisition process.  

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs