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Five Simple Words, 33 Years in the Making

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago
  • Author: Russ Danford

Five Simple Words, 33 Years in the Making

As you might have noticed, things look and sound a little different lately here at MATRIX. “We’re How You Get There”, our tagline for the past six years, is gone. And in its place, something that speaks more directly to what MATRIX is all about – making things better for the tech professionals and companies we serve. 

Five Simple Words, 33 Years in the Making

In marketing terms, it’s referred to as our “brand promise”. But if you’ve worked with MATRIX at any point over the past 33 years, you’d probably just call it “business as usual”. Understanding our candidates and clients, building relationships based on trust and respect, and exceeding expectations are built into our culture. So too is kaizen – the Japanese word meaning “continuous improvement”.

It is from this foundation that MATRIX has evolved from a direct-hire staffing firm, into the IT Solutions company that it is today. Admittedly, if we were to play the word association game with many of our customers, the first thing they’d think after hearing MATRIX would still be “staffing”. And staffing is a huge part of what we do – but it no longer fully defines who we are and how we can help.

Today MATRIX is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we employ a bench of developers, architects, UI/UX designers and a small boatload of incredible Agile Coaches. Our offshore venture, MATRIX-Wissen, delivers software development/maintenance, QA, infrastructure management, and a host of other services for small businesses and Fortune 50 clients. And our Telecom division, in addition to staffing, provides engineering services on an SOW basis to some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. So yeah, we’re a staffing company – and oh, so much more.

When we decided to refresh the MATRIX brand to better align with this reality, there was a lot to think through. We needed to demonstrate our chops as a solutions provider, without diminishing our staffing business and confusing tech professionals looking for jobs. Sounds simple, right? Trust me, it wasn’t.

But after looking in the mirror for many long weeks, the faces that reflected back at us were the same ones we’ve always valued most. Yours. Our candidates, clients, consultants and business partners. MATRIX has survived and evolved because of you. And any meaningful branding update had to focus on you – your needs, your frustrations and your big, hairy, audacious goals.

So with that, we say to you . . .    


From little things like our Keep-in-Touch Commitment to big things like delivering the very best customer experiences possible – everything is on the table. And through direct feedback, we know there is work to be done to consistently exceed your expectations. We’ll do those things, while also making it our mission to “wow” you with innovative solutions and stellar customer service.

But we need some help. Your unvarnished feedback and great ideas will guide our efforts. Which is why today we are launching our first ever Tech Candidate Experience Survey. With this, we will gain insight into what you love (and hate) about looking for a job and managing your career. And we’ll use this feedback to create better, more effective experiences for you – wherever and however you choose to engage with MATRIX.

I realize some of you won’t consider yourself a “candidate” at all. And still others will wonder why, after establishing MATRIX as “so much more” than a staffing company, we’d kick-off our branding update with a candidate experience survey?

To the first point, I’ll say this: if you work in technology, and are good at what you do, you are a candidate to us – unless and until we hear otherwise. So instead of dodging our calls, texts, emails, InMails, tweets and the occasional skywritten message, engage and let us know what you want; even if that’s just to be left alone.

And to the rationale for launching a Candidate Experience Survey? It might seem counterintuitive, but it hits at the heart of everything we do. Job seekers represent +80% of the traffic to our website. And companies, whether they hire us for staffing or professional services, expect the very best technologists the market has to offer. Attracting and engaging with tech professionals has been the lifeblood of MATRIX for 33 years. The ways we connect that talent with clients is evolutionary. But our cause, to make it easier for candidates to find great work and clients to get great work done, is fundamental.

So “Let’s Make This Work Better”. That’s our promise, and the invitation we proudly extend to you.