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Contract vs. Perm Jobs: What works better for you?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author: Jennifer Bradley

Contract vs. Perm Jobs: What works better for you?

Most of us grew up with the mindset that we will spend the first 20-something years of our lives going to school to ultimately get a job that will provide a stable income. But in 2016, the job environment is much more dynamic. We live in a “gig” economy where contract positions are just as abundant as full-time positions. As a tech pro, you don’t want just a job. You want a career that connects with your professional goals and personal desires and lifestyle. 

Our eBook, Contract vs. Permanent Employment: A decision guide for tech pros, breaks down the factors people consider when faced with a job offer. Download this free eBook for detailed insights into choosing between contract and permanent positions.

Contract vs. Perm Ebook

To find out if a contract or permanent position works better for you, take our short quiz below.