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Why MATRIX: What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
  • Author: Kenny Edgerton

Why MATRIX: What Our Clients Are Saying

In any business, many elements factor into what differentiates companies and ultimately determines which ones are successful. We have worked hard at MATRIX to build an organization that values people – our employees, our consultants, our customers – all are critical every day in determining our success. And in the macro organization known as MATRIX, the atoms and genetic DNA that make up this company are truly our employees.

Why MATRIX: What Our Clients Are Saying

It is not a complicated leap of logic to know that the corporate behavior and personality of MATRIX is a direct reflection of the collective behaviors and personalities of our individual people. We strive every day to build a team that reflects the character that we would want our children to see in us as parents: integrity, honesty, humility, hard working. I regularly see these traits lauded by both our consultants and clients:

“Wonderful to work with and are always there for the customer! Couldn't ask for a better Company!”

- U.S. Cellular Senior Manager

“I wanted to be sure you were aware of how appreciative we are regarding the work and contribution of your team.”

 - AT&T Small Cell Senior Manager

“My sincere thanks for your giving me a chance to work for MATRIX: fine folks, and a compassionate company from the top down.”

- MATRIX Optical Engineer

“I wanted to share with you the RAVE reviews about one of your MATRIX optical planner’s work.”

- Manager of a Downstream Organization

"I appreciate the service - responsiveness, the high caliber of employees I work with, and the strong ethical character of the company/employees. I consider our relationship a true partnership, a win-win through our activities, and consistent learning from each other."

- Ericsson Senior Manager

“MATRIX turned that around for us. MATRIX has supplied six PMs who have become our seasoned experts – all because MATRIX was then, and still is, in tune with Cisco’s business, business and the essentials for our critical resources.”

- Cisco Senior Manager

“MATRIX is a top-notch partner because they make sure good people who are skilled workers are in their employ and on their management team. They are my vendor of choice and a vendor I want to work with for a long time.”

- Cisco Manager

"The MATRIX team stands out amongst our other suppliers. They understand our industry and our clients better than our other suppliers. [Our MATRIX Account Exec] is the perfect counterpart and his recruiting team and HR Group are very competent, understand the business/sense of urgency/priorities, and consistently exhibit professionalism. It is wonderful to work with partners who enjoy what they do."

- Ericsson Senior Manager

I would offer that what truly differentiates any organization, and what differentiates MATRIX, is character. It is highlighted in each of the comments above. I see it daily in our team’s interactions amongst ourselves and with our clients. It serves as the foundation of the MATRIX Code of Business Conduct, “Do the right thing.”  

So why are so many managers and so many companies making MATRIX their vendor of choice – because it is not just WHAT we do, it is HOW we do it!